Documenting is the second step in automation; the first one: do it manually... once!

Jose Riguera

Hello! I am a platfom engineer interested on cloud platforms architecture and DevOps principles, focused on maximizing automation, finding out the balance between flexibility and security. The keys of the cloud platforms are scalability and resilience and I think by using modern frameworks based on microservices approach will allow me to overcome the challenges, providing infrastructures oriented to services and continuous delivery.

Fan of agile methodologies, passionate for quality, open source and free software, I am currently working for Springer Nature helping out building in-house IaaS and PaaS solutions, bridging the gap between developers and operators.

This is the place to find some information about me, know more about my work, read some articles about my thoughts. Feel free to email me if you would like to get in touch or find me on social media: